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Mr. Brockner is a principal of PARMA, a health care industry advisory and consulting firm. He has been a trusted advisor to top executives of hundreds companies in a variety of industries, managing, planning, advising and controlling their most critical projects and initiatives.

Mr. Brockner has over 20 years of project management and business process improvement experience in both the public and the private industry sectors. He has worked exclusively in the healthcare industry for the last six years. Mr. Brockner is a former Ernst & Young senior manger and former Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services senior technical advisor.

Prior to joining PARMA, Mr. Brockner was a senior manager in Ernst & Young’s National Health Sciences Advisory Services (HSAS) group. Mr. Brockner was responsible for all of HSAS’s Medicare Part D products and advisory services supporting Part D programs such as the Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS), Medicare Advantage (MA), and Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) organizations. Mr. Brockner’s engagements included providing Part D advisory services for plan operations, compliance, internal audit, process improvement, reconciliation of CMS payments such as low-income cost sharing, reinsurance, and risk corridors, enrollment, and an assortment of other plan functions including assisting organizations with year-end reconciliations, B verse D issues, methods to maximize ‘allowable drug costs’ and process improvement re-designing.

Prior to joining Ernst & Young, Mr. Brockner was a senior technical advisor in the Office of the Administrator and the Office of Operations Management for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). At CMS he was responsible for advising the Deputy Administrator on program and operational issues and the establishment of a project management office for deploying project management practices throughout CMS. Mr. Brockner reviewed and provided comments and recommendations on CMS rules, guidance, shared systems manuals, payment change requests, payment policies and outreach documents for CMS Medicare payments, Medicare Part D programs, HIPAA rules, Medicare Appeals, Medicare Administrative Contracting, program integrity, shared payment systems modernization, provider billing, regional office restructuring and many other Medicare and Medicaid program areas.

Prior to joining CMS, Mr. Brockner was responsible for delivering Business Technology Consulting (BTC) products and services, including business process re-engineering, project portfolio optimizations, project management services, business information software selections and enterprise infrastructure strategies. Mr. Brockner has provided program and project management, developing business and product strategies, optimizing IT project portfolio to support strategic goals, instituting Project Management Offices (PMO), teaching project management methods and tools, implementing project management systems and standards, and planning, managing and controlling projects.

Mr. Brockner holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Management from York College of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Brockner is married to Sari (Schepps) Brockner of Dix Hills, NY and has two children Morgan and Owen. He is an avid golfer, fishing enthusiast and Washington Redskin’s football fan.