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Mr. Murray is a Founding Partner of PARMA and serves as the firm's managing partner. Mr. Murray leverages his skills and experience in operations performance improvement, finance and Healthcare to both improve healthcare organizations and companies as well as to guide the development new ventures both in the US and the Caribbean. Mr. Murray was a management consultant and personal advisor to Ruben J. King-Shaw Jr. COO of The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Mr. Murray has deployed his skills to assist diverse clients including, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid several state healthcare agencies, long term care organizations, Medicare contractors, DME companies, and Medicare managed care companies. Mr. Murray has also worked with the nations of Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica.

Mr. Murray has worked with private equity investors to provide them with federal regulatory and reimbursement analysis. Mr. Murray has worked with Medicare contractors as a strategic advisor on Medicare Contractor Reform. Mr. Murray successfully worked with the State of Connecticut to formulate and implement a strategy that ultimately led to the State of Connecticut being included in a national healthcare quality pilot run by CMS. Mr. Murray has also served as an advisor to the state of New Hampshire’s Department of Human Services where he advised them on Medicare reform. Mr. Murray has served as a government relations consultant to several Medicare managed care and DME companies. Mr. Murray has worked with several healthcare entities to improve their operational performance and to ensure compliance with Federal regulations. Mr. Murray has utilized behavioral change methodologies in conjunction with business process improvement techniques to address challenges faced by his clients and to create lasing improvement and change.

Mr. Murray was a leader of an initiative that successfully developed a healthcare system transformation roadmap for the nation of Trinidad & Tobago. Mr. Murray lead an engagement for the country of Jamaica that identified the challenges that Jamaica has in collecting and reporting vital statistics, Mr. Murray’s team developed an implementation plan to address the challenges.. While at CMS Mr. Murray assessed the degree to which CMS senior executive leadership and current business operations were aligned with the administrative agenda. Mr. Murray designed a performance improvement strategy for CMS to create lasting change through a combination of organizational realignment, process improvement, and leadership development. Furthermore, Mr. Murray was influential in creating a model that emphasized the importance of addressing organizational elements when focusing on improving clinical quality measures.

In addition to PARMA Mr. Murray has held leadership positions at Resource Management Corporation, IBM, Pitney Bowes, Dean Witter Capital Markets Group, and the TGC Group.

Mr. Murray holds a BS in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and an MBA in Finance & Marketing from The University of Chicago. He was the past chair of the Westchester Cornell ILR association, is a member of the Human Resource Advisory Board to Cornell and is a past member of the Cornell University Trustee Council.

Mr. Murray is married to Carolyn Longmore Murray and has two children James R. Murray III and Taylor A. Murray. Mr. Murray is an exercise enthusiast, avid sailor and youth hockey coach.